Share Offer

By purchasing community shares you will become a member of LEG Power Lochaber.  LEG Power Lochaber is a venture for the benefit of the community and is an ethical, community-based social enterprise created to construct a renewable energy scheme and to contribute financially to its local communities.  The hydro scheme will be 100% community owned by LEG Power Lochaber and surplus profits will be used by Lochaber Environmental Group to fund environmental projects in Lochaber.  The purpose of this share offer is to raise the required funds to construct the scheme in time to be able to meet the Feed in Tariff deadline.

This is  your chance to do something positive for the Environment in 2021. LEG Power Lochaber is working with Energy4All Limited based in Cumbria to manage the administration of the share offer.  Energy4All are a social enterprise that has successfully assisted 30 co-operatives to raise over £88 million for community energy projects.

We want as many people as possible, especially local people, to join LEG Power. All Members are important to us, and we welcome all contributions from £100 to £50,000. We think the Society structure will appeal to people who may not have considered this type of project before, enabling you to support the generation of renewable energy, help tackle energy security and climate change, reduce your carbon footprint and support the local community financially.

Investing in LEG Power is principally a social investment but we aim to give you a fair financial return for your support in the form of member share interest over the 20 year term.

Register your interest to receive a copy of the share offer document when the offer launches.  Applying for a copy of this document does not put you under any legal obligation to make an investment in LEG Power Lochaber.

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